Project Description


In a nearly desolate residence of the Greek province, a mother suckles out of her mouth two breeds of men – a man prey and a man beast. The two of them will learn how to set the lunch table; how to bloom inside each other’s body, when she goes away. A possessive father, a silent mother and a boy becoming a shadow within their shreds. In a family in which ‘love’ accounts for finely ironed clothes from the mother’s hands, the two males, come up against either their affectionate past or their brutal present. Only one of the three is an existent person.






Leading Actor Ilias Sapountzakis
Dorothea Koutra as the Mother
Assistant of DOP Marianna Papageorgiou
Editing George Tsirogiannis
Color Grading Dimitris Karteris
Music Hior Chronik
Sound Editing & Mixing Design Sarantis Rabias
Audio Post Production Correct Creative Productions
Boom Operator Konstantinos Kessidis
Digital Imaging Technician Michaela Marazoti
Graphic Designing (Posters) Lia Kalkou
English Translation Auguste Corteau