Queer Greco Romance follows a set of photographs on the representation of those who are still standing among ruins, in a queer tribute by the photographer Helias Doulis. A study on those, whose bodies were stretched to fit into a society of stereotypes regarding their gender, sexuality and flesh; captures the lustful gaze of Athena upon the workers’ caresses and fights. In this voyeuristic documentation, the viewer’s gaze sheds light on the symbols of an era that’s set its roots upon the ‘male physique’ magazines of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Doulis attempts to translate a photographic ‘modus operandi’ of male beauty upon the altar of his own queerness in the revival light of ancient Greece. The creators become potential creations through his lens, focusing on the bodies of the workers, while the sculptures feel self-illuminated in space. They take turns into a romanticized arena that highlights the construction of the robust convention and intensifies the homoerotic axis of nostalgia. The photographer’s own modern statues give breath to the immortal icons who fought for our community’s censorship in the arts.

Photography Exhibition
Athens Pride 2021