Shortly before turning off the last lights of the deserted city, among the neon signs of the old factories and the fresh cement of the building sites of Molivos, the lover of poet Nikos – Alexis Aslanoglou, enveloped himself in the rubble of a naive heart of the concrete world. Cradled naked through the garbage from which he came, the eyes of the Poet dress him with the holy light. In the arcane details of his body, where the seduction of Venus is hidden, the world of the poet is no longer a frosty brothel, permanently open. It is a world living only for the two of them, hidden within the violent night.

The ‘Dolphins’ of Aslanoglou hide their faces beneath plastic garbage bags, and barely breathe into each other’s mouth due to the stench. In the ocean of garbage of their love, the waves vomit alongside one another, leaving the two bodies washed up in a piece of coast full shivers, with those two sleeping more dressed than ever before.The hour is darkest just before dawn, when the two lovers wake up together, yet always apart, where they will always belong, in the frozen construction site of the poet’s heart, which will weigh a love upside down – that one of the Man, with the Human.